Will This Man Rule Post-Communist China?

Xi Jinping has been named core leader as his purge of the Communist Party continues. Is Xi setting himself

China’s Killer Corruption Problem | China Uncensored

Corruption within the Chinese Communist Party threatens the survival of the regime. Contribute! Join the China Uncensored 50-Cent Army!

As ‘Core’ Leader, China’s Xi Jinping Can Shake up Regime

News analysis On paper, Chinese Communist Party chief Xi Jinping has no need to affirm his status as China’s

China’s Xi Jinping in Ascendancy Before Key Party Conference

News analysis Leadership transition in the Chinese regime is a messy affair. Party leaders who cannot align themselves with

Hillary Clinton Allegedly Praised Chinese Leader Xi Jinping as ‘Good News’ in Leaked Speeches

In private speeches and emails from 2013 and recently released via Wikileaks, U.S. Secretary of State and Democratic presidential

What Xi Jinping’s Reading List Says About the Future of His Leadership

Books are important, especially in an authoritarian society where the state decides what goes to press. This gives some

Chinese Leaders Fear Military Revolt | China Uncensored

Out-of-work soldiers are a dangerous prospect. Could this destabilize the Chinese regime? Contribute! Join the China Uncensored 50-Cent Army!

Power Struggle Hits China’s Gestapo | China Uncensored

What is China’s secretive 610 Office, and what role does it play in the government’s internal power struggle? Contribute!

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