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Russian Politican Makes Threat to Norway Over US Marines Posted There

A Russian politician has warned that Norway is in Russia’s crosshairs. Frants Klintsevitsj, a deputy chairman of Russia’s defense

Canadian Doctors Can Now Prescribe Heroin To Addicts

Canadian drug addicts will soon be able to receive safe, medical grade heroin from their doctors after the government

US Calls On China to Cut Coal Imports Propping Up North Korea

BEIJING—A senior U.S. official urged China on Saturday to work with the U.S. to close a loophole on North

Comparing the Role of Government in the Economies of China and the United States

The size of China’s government is enormous. By 2007 China’s fiscal revenues had reached 5.1 trillion yuan ($770 billion),

Putin Rejects Claims of Russian Interference in US Election

President Vladimir Putin on Thursday dismissed claims that Russia is interfering in the U.S. presidential election, saying the allegations

US House of Representatives Unanimously Passes Legislation Condemning Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong in China

A decade after evidence emerged of one of the gravest and most extraordinary human rights violations today, the United

Philippine President Breaks Ties With US, Realigns With China and Russia

The Philippines’ controversial President Rodrigo Duterte has been criticized for his violent campaign against crime, but it is the

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