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Over 10,000-Strong Protest in Seoul Demands Resignation of South Korean President

Police in Seoul estimated that around 12,000 people have gathered in the streets to demand the resignation of South

Russian Politican Makes Threat to Norway Over US Marines Posted There

A Russian politician has warned that Norway is in Russia’s crosshairs. Frants Klintsevitsj, a deputy chairman of Russia’s defense

Legacy of Shao Yong, Confucian Scholar and Cosmologist

Chinese culture is based primarily on the Daoist culture. Although historically there were Confucian scholars such as Han Yu,

Legend of the Yellow Crane Tower

The Yellow Crane Tower was associated with miracles in ancient poetry. Below is a legend about the naming of

Bringing Chinese Martial Arts Back to its Traditional Virtues

At 90, Chao Fu-lin of Taiwan isn’t quite what he used to be, but his skills with the various

Lebanese Parliament Elects New President

BEIRUT—Lebanon’s parliament on Monday elected Michel Aoun, an 81-year-old former army commander and strong ally of the militant group

Maverick Former Chinese Official Explains Dynamics of Elite Communist Party Politics

Xi Jinping is widely misunderstood by the media and intellectuals because they don’t understand the power dynamics inside the

White House Says FBI Director Isn’t Trying to Influence Election

The White House said on Monday that FBI director James Comey likely isn’t trying to influence the election after

US Calls On China to Cut Coal Imports Propping Up North Korea

BEIJING—A senior U.S. official urged China on Saturday to work with the U.S. to close a loophole on North

Pipeline Protesters Urge Unity After Days of Confrontations

CANNON BALL, N.D.—Protesters trying to block the Dakota Access oil pipeline urged unity on Saturday as they prayed together

Organ Harvest Documentary Wins Prestigious Peabody Prize

Recognition comes as international medical stance toward China reaches fork in the road An unflinching documentary about mass murder

With Great Virtue, Lou Shide Resolves a Boat Disaster

Yuan Keshi, a fortune-telling master in the Tang Dynasty, had inherited his father’s skills and could tell fortunes very

Former Putin Aide’s Death in DC Deemed an Accident

Nearly a year after the curious death of a former aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin in a Washington

As ‘Core’ Leader, China’s Xi Jinping Can Shake up Regime

News analysis On paper, Chinese Communist Party chief Xi Jinping has no need to affirm his status as China’s

Veteran Calls California National Guard Bonus Repayment Scandal ‘Embarrassing’

ALHAMBRA, Calif.— “We’re asked to serve our country, but yet in return, what happens? A slap in the face,”

Censors Suppress Discussion of Deadly Northwest China Explosion

A huge explosion that killed at least 14 people and injured over 150 has seen the Chinese regime’s heavy-handed

The Five Companies Leading China’s Overseas Expansion

China’s military does not yet have the capability to deploy its power quickly on a global scale. But economically,

Chinese Dissent in an Age of Social Media

NEW YORK—Nearly 20 years ago, newspaper headlines were wondering whether the internet was going to free China. Exhibit A

Comparing the Role of Government in the Economies of China and the United States

The size of China’s government is enormous. By 2007 China’s fiscal revenues had reached 5.1 trillion yuan ($770 billion),

Is China’s Geely Building a Car Brand for the Future?

One of the most ambitious new car debuts in recent memory occurred last week in Berlin. The 01 SUV,

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