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Saying Merry Christmas in Chinese

In this episode Ben teaches you how to say Merry Christmas in Chinese, and talks about Santa and all

Kim Jong Un, the Sexiest Man Alive?

Chinese state run media are tricked by The Onion into thinking North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was named

5 Must Try Ping Pong Games

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2 Girls Vs Kung Fu

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SUMMER FUN: Chinese BBQ + Water Balloon Battle!

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When You Feel Judged Because of Things Chinese Tourists Do

We’re Asian, we’re proud to be! Sometimes we run into some circumstances and people who just aren’t respectful or

8 Gestures to AVOID in Asia

If you want to make friends in new places, avoid these gestures in Asia guys 😛 Remember to LIKE,

Bringing Chinese Martial Arts Back to its Traditional Virtues

At 90, Chao Fu-lin of Taiwan isn’t quite what he used to be, but his skills with the various

Maverick Former Chinese Official Explains Dynamics of Elite Communist Party Politics

Xi Jinping is widely misunderstood by the media and intellectuals because they don’t understand the power dynamics inside the

Sumo Suits in New York City

We went through some rigorous tests to see if we were strong enough to be a sumo wrestler and

Sell Your Daughter for an iPhone? 5 Crazy China iPhone Stories

With the iPhone 7 coming out, we decided to look back at some weird and crazy iPhone stories from

Crazy Weird Laws Only In Asia

Have you guys heard about these laws?? Some of the were a first for us… Weird! Here’s the rundown

Singaporean Hawker Food In New York!

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Jungle Asians vs Fancy Asians

Ali Wong inspired this discussion about Asian interracial discrimination between Fancy and Jungle Asians. Racism between asian ethnicities is

Lord Ye Fond of Dragons – 4-Character Sayings

In this episode Ben introduces the 4-character saying Ye Gong Hao Long or Lord Ye Fond of Dragons. This

The Old Man of the Frontier Loses his Horse – 4-Character Sayings

This week we learn the 4-character Chinese phrase “The Old Man of the Frontier Loses his Horse.” 塞翁失馬

Talking To Asian Parents About Dating

Talking to asian parents about dating is perhaps one of the most terrifying and horrific things an asian child

5 Best Cheap Food Joints in Chinatown NYC

Sometimes Its best not to judge a Restaurant by its appearance. Felicia and Allen go on an adventure though

11 Things All Asian Kids Grew Up With

Asian childhood can be rough. Kids who grew up asian all share common experiences. Although our parents usually had

Asking About the Weather in Chinese

In this episode we learn how to ask about the weather and how to describe a few different weather

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