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10 Insane Solutions to China’s Deadly Smog

Chinese officials concoct ridiculous plans to try and remedy the nation’s deadly air pollution. Contribute! Join the China Uncensored

Will This Man Rule Post-Communist China?

Xi Jinping has been named core leader as his purge of the Communist Party continues. Is Xi setting himself

150,000-Year-Old Pipes Baffle Scientists in China: Out of Place in Time?

Oopart (out of place artifact) is a term applied to dozens of prehistoric objects found in various places around

The End of the World, 2012

In this episode Ben takes you through the essential Mandarin Chinese vocabulary for the end of the world, which

Kim Jong Un, the Sexiest Man Alive?

Chinese state run media are tricked by The Onion into thinking North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was named

How to Say “Can you Speak English?” in Chinese

In this video we teach you how tell people you can speak some Chinese, and how to ask if

How to Order Drinks at a Chinese Bar

In this video we show you how to use your Mandarin Chinese to order drinks at a bar in

Most Clinical Trial Data In China Is Fabricated, Government Report Finds

Pharmaceutical companies in China are making up the results of their clinical trials in order to get approval to

Panda daycare centers really do exist. And no, you’re not dreaming!

They say that finding a job that would make you happy every single day is practically impossible. But seeing these little

May the wind be with you the whole way – 4-Character Sayings

In this episode of 4-Character sayings (Chengyu), Ben introduces the Mandarin Chinese saying Yílù Shùnfēng or “may the wind

China’s Political Geography – Provinces, Regions etc… In Chinese

In this episode of Learn Chinese: Advanced Vocabulary, Ben takes a look at the names for the different regions

Talking About Sports in Chinese

In this episode we learn how to ask “What sports do you like?” and how to reply, in Mandarin

Lord Ye Fond of Dragons – 4-Character Sayings

In this episode Ben introduces the 4-character saying Ye Gong Hao Long or Lord Ye Fond of Dragons. This

The Old Man of the Frontier Loses his Horse – 4-Character Sayings

This week we learn the 4-character Chinese phrase “The Old Man of the Frontier Loses his Horse.” 塞翁失馬

US Calls On China to Cut Coal Imports Propping Up North Korea

BEIJING—A senior U.S. official urged China on Saturday to work with the U.S. to close a loophole on North

Asking About the Weather in Chinese

In this episode we learn how to ask about the weather and how to describe a few different weather

Asking Phone Numbers and Email in Chinese

In this episode Ben and Peggy explain how to ask for someone’s phone number and email address in Mandarin

Laowai – Foreigner (Chinese Hot Words)

In this episodes of “Hot Words” Ben takes a comical look at the way Chinese people refer to foreigners,

Asking “Where are you from?” in Chinese

This week we learn the standard way to ask people where they are from and a few country names

Asking “What’s Your Name?” in Chinese

In this lesson we look at the different ways to ask people’s names in Chinese, and how to reply.

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