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Special Ed Teacher Invites Entire Class To Her Wedding, And The Internet Falls In Love With Her

Kinsey French, a special education teacher from Kentucky, not only got engaged in front of her whole class, but

50 Years Later, Grandparents Slip On Their Old Wedding Outfits And Discover They Still Fit

Wedding clothes are an incredibly important component of a couple’s big day. And though there are plenty of decisions,

Drunk Woman Leaves Car In Bar Parking Lot Overnight, Then Finds Manager’s Note Saying Thank You

Drinking and driving is a practice that everyone can agree is very bad. When one’s judgement is impaired by

Mom’s Confused When Son Keeps Asking For 2 Packed Lunches, Then Realizes The Extra’s Not For Him

When it comes to packing school lunches for her son, Josette Duran of Albuquerque, New Mexico has gotten into

Thankful Parents Break Down In Tears When Their Preemie ‘Graduates’ From NICU

Last year, Arkell Graves and Dana Griffin-Graves won hearts around the world when the expectant mom surprised her husband

A Little Hero Dog Died, Then 2 Marines Grab His Tiny Casket And Bring Him Home

Anyone who knows someone in the Marines will easily agree that they’re some of the most incredible people on

Granny Paying In Coins Holds Up The Line, Then Mom Writes Cashier A Note On Facebook

 Sarah Bigler was furious — we’ve all been there. We try to quickly check out of a store, but there’s

Husband Writes Emotional Letter To Doctors Who Cared For His Dying Wife

When it comes to treating patients, most medical staff work tirelessly to make sure they are as content and comfortable

This little penguin swims 8,000 km every year to visit his savior

Only a few people know that keeping wild animals as pets is strictly prohibited in Brazil. However, despite this ban, a little penguin, Dindim,

Bikers Support Abused Children During Courtroom Cases

Bikers Against Child Abuse International (BACA) exists with the intent to create a safer environment for abused children. In

Bikers Escort Teen With Down Syndrome To His First Day Of High School

Bullying has become a widespread epidemic, and it seems like no one is safe. Sadly, people with special needs

Town Refuses To Help Paralyzed Dog — Until A Model On Vacation Sees Him Dragging Along The Beach

On a trip abroad to Thailand, Canadian traveler Meagan Penman spotted a paralyzed dog struggling to crawl cross the beach.

Mom’s Dead Son Comes Back To Life After Horrible Crash, Then Says He Met Her ’2 Other Kids’

In 1997, Julie Kemp was driving home from church with her husband Andy and their eight-year-old son London when their car

Shannen Doherty Sends Message Of Hope With Heartbreaking Photo Of ‘Chemo Day’

Actress Shannen Doherty hasn’t been shy about her battle with breast cancer since first getting diagnosed in 2015. She

Miscarried Baby Girl Lives For 2 Hours In Mom’s Arms Before She Passes On

October is Infant and Child Loss Awareness Month. It’s a topic that doesn’t get as much attention as it

13-Year-Old Says He Wants To Run Away From Home, Then Tells A Cop To Look Inside His Empty Room

When a police officer in South Carolina responded to a 13-year-old boy’s phone call, he neverexpected what would happen

He made a promise to a girl with Down syndrome. Seven years later, he kept his word!

Ben Moser and Mary Lapkowicz have been friends since elementary school. They have always had a very special and unique

Rude Woman At Coffee Shop Calls Him A ‘Dirty Biker’ And His Response On Facebook Is Perfect

Biker and father Luc Perreault is a motorcycle-riding, tattoo-sporting, beer-drinking man. Even he admits he looks like he’s the

This cat fell in love with a baby before he was born and now guards him all the time

This cat’s name is Panda. She’s two and a half years old. Just look at the way she’s hugging her owner’s baby

This incredible 98-year-old couple recreated their wedding day 70 years later

Cao Yuehua and Wang Deyi, an elderly couple from China, recently decided to mark their 70th wedding anniversary by reliving their big

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