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Istanbul’s Most Famous Cat Pose Honored With Its Own Statue At Its Favorite Spot

All cats are remembered by their owners, but few cats are remembered by the world. Everybody will remember the

World’s Oldest Cat Is 31 And Still Gorgeous And Still Rule The House

This tabby kittie, who is a contender to be the world’s oldest cat, has just celebrated his 31st birthday

Glow-In-The-Dark-Jewelry That Will Make You Feel Magical

Canadian jewelry designer and photographer Manon Richard creates luminous glow in the dark jewelry and accessories. Sold on Etsy,

Poland Unveils Glow-In-The-Dark Bicycle Path That Is Charged By The Sun

Cycling is one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel, and thanks to this solar-powered bike lane that glows

Teen Bullied For Her Incredibly Dark Skin Color Becomes A Model, Takes The Internet By Storm

Khoudia Diop is a 19-year-old Senegalese model who was once bullied about her color. But now the self-proclaimed “Melanin

You’ll question the world around you once you’ve seen these pictures

What does it mean to be an individual? What is society? And where are we going? Paweł Kuczyński, a

20 Before and After Visual Effects from Movies and TV Series

Collection of 20 visual effects before and after from your favourite movies and TV series. These photos reveal just how much

This is the world’s first evergreen skyscraper — and it’s utterly amazing!

Italian architect Stefano Boeri likes to mix engineered constructions with greenery, and his latest project was no exception. Soon, in Lausanne, Switzerland,

20 of the coolest things all of us dream of having in our backyard

Spending time by the fire with friends in the evening, sunbathing in the day, cooking something delicious on the grill… A backyard isn’t a place

This guy’s ex-wife left him with nothing but a dog. So this is what he did…

Rafael Mantesso’s wife left him on his 30th birthday. She took everything with her: the cookware, the furniture and

15 astonishingly beautiful ideas for your next manicure

A French-style manicure will never go out of fashion, since it suits absolutely any outfit or style you go for. What few people know is just

Panda daycare centers really do exist. And no, you’re not dreaming!

They say that finding a job that would make you happy every single day is practically impossible. But seeing these little

15 hilarious old-school difficulties our kids will never understand

It’s difficult to fathom that some children born in 2008 will start school this year. And for that reason, it’s time

14 cats before and after adoption

We believe that true love and care can transform anyone — even those who were found in a garbage can or a shoe box. We

The world belongs to those who are happy

Of course, we can’t always tell what an animal is really thinking. But there’s no denying that they can

The most inspirational ways mankind has respected the natural world, in 15 images

The Earth is the magnificent place we call home. It is our duty to treat the natural world with love and respect, and maintain

14 baby animals that will melt even the coldest heart

They shouldn’t be allowed to be this cute. But they are as nature intended. And you can’t help but

20 Photos of Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly the Same Age

Sometimes when following celebrities’ lives we have no idea that some of our idols have more in common than meetings on the red carpet

These guys got carried away on the job

Every one of us sometimes has a hard time doing our job right on the first attempt, but there are people in the

15 Photos That Look Like They Were Taken on a Different Planet

Sometimes, you look at a photograph of some unknown location from around the world, and you can barely believe that it actually exists.

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