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Sibylle’s Favorite Quotes About Paris

Paris… or as they pronounce it in Paris: Paree! The city of lights and romance has inspired so many

Legacy of Shao Yong, Confucian Scholar and Cosmologist

Chinese culture is based primarily on the Daoist culture. Although historically there were Confucian scholars such as Han Yu,

Legendary Foundations of Chinese Civilization: Fu Xi Brings Order to the Cosmos

This is the second in a series of articles by an Epoch Times research team describing the foundations of Chinese civilization,

Legend of the Yellow Crane Tower

The Yellow Crane Tower was associated with miracles in ancient poetry. Below is a legend about the naming of

Bringing Chinese Martial Arts Back to its Traditional Virtues

At 90, Chao Fu-lin of Taiwan isn’t quite what he used to be, but his skills with the various

With Great Virtue, Lou Shide Resolves a Boat Disaster

Yuan Keshi, a fortune-telling master in the Tang Dynasty, had inherited his father’s skills and could tell fortunes very

Surprisingly Advanced Ways the Ancient Chinese Bathed and Did Laundry

Chinese cultures have held cleanliness in high regard since ancient times, and some of the methods they devised to wash

4 Reasons Why Chinese Is Easier Than You Think

When people hear about the Chinese language, they are usually put off by the writing system, which supposedly requires

4 Common Misconceptions About Confucius

Despite being perhaps the single most influential individual in traditional Chinese and East Asian culture, Confucius has gotten a

Family Literacy: Lifelong Learning Across Generations

When parents and children enjoy being together while learning and improving skills, it creates the perfect conditions for strengthening

Legendary Foundations of Chinese Civilization: Preface

In ancient times, Chinese called their land Shen Zhou—the land of the divine. Legends record how the Creator established

5 Ancient Chinese Innovations That Look Like They Came From Today’s World

Golf Chinese imperial maids playing golf? No kidding. Though there is some doubt as to who created the game

Filial Piety Touches Heaven: Stories of Virtuous Daughters-in-law

It has been said, “Filial piety is the most important of all virtues.” As the essence of Chinese culture,

4 Ancient Chinese Villages (That Are Still Around Today)

Due to a long history of invasions, famines, civil wars, and more recently, destructive communist social campaigns and breakneck

Classical Chinese Dance Competition in Tribeca Fosters Cultural Growth

NEW YORK—Contestants participating in the seventh International Classical Chinese Dance Competition completed the final rounds at the Tribeca Performing

A Contemporary Chinese Master’s Search for Ancient Martial Virtue

Annual competition in New York State offers platform for authentic tradition Among Li Youfu’s most searing memories as a

Join in Taiwan’s ‘Era of Pure Food’

The diverse and vibrant food culture of Taiwan is going on show this August at the annual Taiwan Culinary

How Japan Got Its Name and Other Influences From China’s Tang Dynasty

When Japanese emperor Kotoku rose to the Japanese throne in the seventh century, he began a new age that

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Can Reduce Aggressiveness in Children, Says Hong Kong Study

According to a scientific study done by researchers at a Hong Kong university, teaching children how to fight may

Confucius Never Casually Accepted Gifts

The ancients believed in the principle “sow nothing, reap nothing.” Confucius can be regarded as a perfect example. He

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