Author: Tieu Vu

Creating Babies Without Eggs May One Day Be Possible Thanks To Groundbreaking New Research

Overthrowing close to two centuries of teachings, scientists have been able to create offspring by injecting something other than an

Canadian Doctors Can Now Prescribe Heroin To Addicts

Canadian drug addicts will soon be able to receive safe, medical grade heroin from their doctors after the government

Enough Is Enough – It’s Time For An Evidence-Based Approach To Drug Policy

Despite continued calls for a ceasefire, the war on drugs is still escalating across the world. In the Philippines,

Fifty Years Ago, The Sugar Industry Was Funding Research Downplaying Its Effect On Health

There is no secret in the fact that the food industry is constantly funding scientific research that then almost

Scientists Have Discovered A Sixth Taste That Explains Why You Love Pizza So Damn Much

Oh, carbohydrates, how we love you. From pasta and pizza to potatoes and polenta, much of the world can’t

Stoned Lab Rats Become Too Lazy For Tests, Study Finds

With an increasing number of US states and countries around the world relaxing their laws on medical and recreational

One Year On From Pioneering Face Transplant, Patient Says Surgery Has “Given Me Back My Life”

A year on from his one-of-a-kind face transplant, Patrick Hardison has said that the “surgery has truly given me

Food Poisoning Expert Reveals 6 Things He Refuses To Eat

Having spent over 20 years working on food-poisoning lawsuits, Bill Marler simply doesn’t eat certain foods anymore. The attorney,

Most Clinical Trial Data In China Is Fabricated, Government Report Finds

Pharmaceutical companies in China are making up the results of their clinical trials in order to get approval to

Thankful Parents Break Down In Tears When Their Preemie ‘Graduates’ From NICU

Last year, Arkell Graves and Dana Griffin-Graves won hearts around the world when the expectant mom surprised her husband

Largest Survey Yet Finds Fluoridation Safe And Effective

Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has released a report concluding that water fluoridation, as used in

Prescription Painkillers, Not Marijuana, Are The Gateway Drug To Heroin Addiction Says US Attorney General

In a speech this week at the University of Kentucky, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch explained that heroin addicts

Something Weird Happens When You Give Cocaine To Fish

Sometimes, in the name of science, you have to give cocaine to a fish. But when you do, be

Most vitamins are useless, but here are the ones you should take

It seems like simple, obvious advice: Eat your vegetables, get some exercise, and — of course — take your

Researcher Uses CRISPR To Edit DNA Of Healthy Human Embryos In Controversial World First

Should we edit human DNA? This is one of the most controversial questions of our time, and an intense

Riding A Roller Coaster Can Help Get Rid Of Kidney Stones

Doctors may soon be prescribing trips to Disney World, after researchers discovered that taking a ride on one of

Caffeine May Protect Older Women From Dementia

A new study has found that older women who consume more than about three regular coffee cups-worth of caffeine

These Scientists Think “Hexagonal Clouds” Could Explain The Bermuda Triangle

A group of scientists believe they have the answer to the decades of sea tales surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. The

“Game-Changing” Immunotherapy Drug Doubles Cancer Survival Rates

An immunotherapy drug is being hailed as a “game-changer” by cancer researchers following a successful clinical trial. In the

Beer Hops May Protect Against Liver Disease

Switching from lager to pale ale may improve your chances of keeping your liver healthy, according to a new

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